The Exclusive Tour Peru Women-Only

This complete program will provide you with a wide knowledge of Peru. From desert and ocean landscapes to the beauty of the enigmatic …

Peru and Bolivia itinerary

Peru and Bolivia Beautiful Itinerary

This once in a lifetime trip takes you on a journey through varied and colorful Peru and Bolivia, where you will encounter an epic fantasyland…

tour isla de los uros y taquile

Lake Titicaca 1-Day Tours, Taquile and Uros Islands

This full day trip is one of the most popular lake Titicaca Day tours. Get to know an indigenous community that conserves original …

kayak lago Titicaca

Kayaking Across Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is considered as the highest navigable lake in the world, and today it is the second main tourist attraction in the Peruvian tourism. Avoid the crowds and discover the hidden marvels of Lake Titicaca through this tour, carefully designed for the traveler looking for a unique experience. Explore sites other travelers won’t get to see on a full day kayak tour from Puno. Visit the reed floating island of Uros, Peninsula Llachon, Taquile Island and interact with the locals learning about their way of life.

Lake Titicaca 2-Day Tour

Lake Titicaca 2-Day Tour

On Amantani Island, take advantage of the amazing opportunity to participate in the local culture rather than simply observing it.

Excursión Lago Titicaca desde puno

Luxury Lake Titicaca tour 1-Day

Some times travelers report the Lake Titicaca Islands being a bit touristy. Let Us show you its true face and taking you in an authentic …

tour de lujo en Titicaca

Titilaka Lodge – Luxury Tour in Titicaca

The simple mention of Lake Titicaca transports one to a spectacular and mystical world. In this unique landscape, Titilaka lodge has found refuge in a private peninsula. Set at the shores of Lake Titicaca, Titilaka offers splendid views of the lake while integrating the area’s historic legacy and unbounded nature into its guest programs…

South American Tour

Expedition in the Altiplano

This adventure through impressive places across 3 countries, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, deserves to be done at least once in a lifetime, visiting these varied and colorful countries, full of epic fantasies…

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Titicaca Lake 10 Day Tour

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Titicaca Lake 10 Day Tour

Wander through the truly amazing city of Cusco and take in a city filled to the brim with Inca and Spanish history, stunning churches, colorful local markets…