The Apurimac river is the farthermost source of the Amazon river, arising at roughly 17,000 feet (5200 m) from the snowmelts of the mighty volcanic slopes of Mount Mismi in Arequipa department, it flows northwest through the Andes, descending to less than 860 feet (260 m). For most of its 430 miles (700 kms) length, this impressive river flows through narrow canyons, and its torrential course is frequently interrupted by falls and rapids.

Rafting the Apurimac river, lying in the depths of a 3000 m canyon, is a unique and impressive river tours that can easily be classified as a mind blowing-adventure, not only because the thrilling and adrenaline pumping white water rafting but also because the opportunity to witness in its entire splendor the incredible forces that carved this spectacular canyon during millions of years creating one of the most fantastic places on the planet.


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  • detailed and personal pre-departure information
  • 24 hours support during your trip
  • excellent local official bilingual guides who will turn out the star of your trip


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  • Active Tour
  • Rafting
  • Nature

  • Apurimac River Canyon
  • Cusco
  • Huallpachaca
  • Las Paltas
  • Peru
  • Table

  • Challeging in rainy season (Class IV - IV+ rapids)
  • Easy in dry season (Class II - III rapids)

  • 3 days

  • May to December


  • Enjoy unsurpassed Andean landscapes
  • Dive into adrenaline with this three days rafting trip in one of the most fantastic places on earth, the spectacular canyon of the Apurimac river


Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Early in the morning you will be picked up from your hotel for the four-hour bus journey to the Apurimac River.  Several stops will be made to enjoy the beautiful Andean landscape, before arriving at the small village of Izcuchaca where you will have a chance to stretch your legs and the last opportunity to buy basic supplies before heading into the wild.  Over the next three hours the bus continues climbing into high Andes, surrounded everywhere by spectacular rock formations until arriving to Condor Huachana (“place where the Condor stands”), a viewpoint with an amazing panorama of the Apurimac Gorge.  From this point you will begin the drop down from the chilly heights into the valley of the Apurimac river and the comparative warmth of the subtropical zone at 6890 f/2100 m.

Once at the river, you will have a picnic lunch near the riverside while the gear and rafting equipment is prepared.  On finishing lunch, you will have the rafting briefing and introduction to safety techniques in which is shown rafting paddling techniques, floating, rescue and emergency procedures.  This briefing will be followed by a practice session in the river, where each passenger takes turns swimming in some level 1 rapids so that everyone can practice throwing safety ropes, grabbing the secure rescue lines, the safety kayak and much more.  Following this introduction, once the guides, crew and safety kayak feel confident, you will start the Apurimac rafting adventure on a relatively gentle section with II and III rapids in between magnificent views of the river gorge.

After a couple of fun hours on the river, including a rapid of level III (level IV in May and beginning of June) called the little Z and a nice waterfall you will finally reach a sandy beach, called Las Paltas (Avocados).  The guides will give a brief orientation to become acquainted with the area, the solid waste toilet system and the camp routine, while the campsite is setting up and after a fantastic dinner you will sit around the campfire with a nice hot drink to discuss the coming days rafting, or enjoy the tales and experiences of the guides on the Apurimac river under a spectacular starry sky.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner

After a healthy breakfast the Apurimac rafting second day is ready to begin.  You will jump into the rafts and then continue your way through the canyon wilderness.  Almost immediately you will face the excitement of II, III and IV rapids, this is where the training and practice from the previous day really show their worth.  There will be some unrunnable sections, called “portages” where you will need to disembark and walk around it, carrying your own dry bags while the rafting guides will be taking the rest of the gear, then rejoin the rafting excitement.  Today you will be in the water for about 6 hours, stopping for lunch and after a demanding day you will land on a beach, set up the camp Table Beach, have a restorative dinner and possibly engage in some fun beach games in the wild canyon surround or just relax with a cup of hot drink next to the campfire checking your pictures, playing cards, telling river stories and reliving your best adventure moments from the river day under the stars.


Breakfast, lunch

After a hearty breakfast you will be ready to go back to the river once more.  The journey starts out with exciting IV level class rapids and some sections over which the rafts need to be portaged.

Immediately after these portages, the canyon opens while we enter Babaluba rapid, grade V, where we organize the safety and that demand full adrenaline pumping concentration from the rafters. The safety kayak will run the rapid first, after the luggage boat, and once kayak and the guides with the rescue lines are properly located, the passengers’ boat will start running the rapid. In the first part, the river goes through small channels with many rocks, after the river gets calm, and then we disappear dramatically while the boat is jumping through drops and holes. We have only few seconds to rest after Babaluba because The Last Laugh rapid, level IV, is coming before the river begins to become calmer.

At the end of this morning, your private bus will be waiting for you with a good lunch and cold drinks, time to load the gear back onto the transport and begin the journey back to Cusco city after a truly memorable and exciting whitewater adventure.  Arrival in Cusco in the late afternoon/early evening.

NOTE: we highly recommend to overnight in Cusco city in order to avoid additional transfer surcharges


  • Professional English speaking guides, certified in Swift Water Rescue and

Wilderness First Responder.

  • Private round trip transportation
  • State of the art rafting equipment including self-bailing rafts, hi-flotation life- jackets, helmets, paddle jackets, wetsuits, dry bags for personal gear, special containers
  • Safety and professional river system navigation
  • Complete first aid kit
  • Meals: 2 Breakfast, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, optional Vegetarians and Vegans.
  • All camping equipment: Two persons tent, kitchen tent, tables, chairs, cooking gear, inflatable mattress


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
  • Extra expenses not mentioned
  • Visit to archaeological sites
  • For rafting the Apurimac river we recommend to have an insurance covering adventure sports.
  • Sleeping bag



  • Don’t wear heavy cotton, the water of the river is always cold, it does not dry easily and provides not warmth. Take dry clothes for after rafting.
  • Sandals like Teva or Chacos with straps that secure the foot properly with good gripping soles, tennis shoes can also be a good alternative (flip flops not acceptable).
  • Dry shoes for after the rafting.
  • One pair of thermal, woolen or neoprene socks.
  • Under wet suit: First swimwear and then a thin, light and comfortable top, pants or suits made from materials that insulate when wet. This includes, pile, fleece, wool, polypropylene etc. but no cotton materials.
  • Shorts: Some wet-suits materials are slippery on the rafts, wearing shorts gives more grip and can help preventing for falling over the raft.
  • Peaked cap
  • Water resistant sunscreen (small).
  • Neoprene or leather gloves.
  • Sunglasses with croakie (strap strip to attach to the two ends of your sunglasses)


  • Sleeping bag rated to Comfort 0°C
  • Rain jacket with hood.
  • Fast dry camping pants or tracksuit pants, not jeans or heavy pants, shorts.
  • Two T-shirts.
  • A fleece jacket.
  • Thermal pants and tops.
  • Two pair of socks.
  • Runners or very lightweight boots or Sandals *heavy boots are not necessary for rafting the Apurimac and they can take lots of room in your dry bag.
  • Head flash light (Petzl or similar) small torch plus spare batteries.
  • Biodegradable soap, tooth paste and tooth brush.
  • Woolen or thermal hat (during May to July).
  • Money: You can buy drinks or snacks in the first and last day during the driving.
  • Medication: bring any medications that you use regularly, analgesics etc. We carry our own medications for emergency use.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Spare prescribed glasses or contact lenses; book.
  • Please, avoid wearing jewelry
  • Eyes glasses need to have a string or rope attached to avoid falling down.


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