Full day tour – Ballestas islands and Nazca lines overflight

Taking a trip boat to the Ballestas Islands or flying over the Nazca lines, are just some of the incredible ways you have available to visit the region of Ica, on an incredible journey through an enigmatic land of profound religious faith filled with sand dunes, valleys and sun with this Full day tour – Paracas National Reserve and Nazca lines overflight. Some of the most important civilizations of ancient Peru established themselves here, such as the Paracas and the Nazca. Each of them left a legacy that has endured the passage of time and the power of the sand and wind.

Why to choose Culturandes Travel & Adventure for this Full day tour – Ballestas islands and Nazca lines overflight

Do you want to discover two of the most renowned pre-Incas civilizations of ancient Peru in a full day tour to Paracas and Nazca lines overflight? We offer you for this trip:

  • Reliable and high standard services (certified official local operator)
  • Safe transportation according to the highest standards
  • First class buses
  • Speedboat boats equipped with life vest
  • The safest aircrafts
  • Certified expert pilots
  • Detailed and personal pre-departure information
  • 24 hours support during your trip
  • Excellent local official English/Spanish guides who will turn out the star of your trip

We are experts in private and customized tours all around Peru, ask our expert travel advisors to upgrade your experience with different extra options, activities and extensions. Contact us.

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Private VS. group services for this Full day tour – Ballestas islands and Nazca lines overflight ?

This is a question we must all ask ourselves before planning a trip. The answer depends a lot on the age, the particular interests of each person but above all on the economy of each passenger. Being in a group of 15/20 people with different interests will probably mean that some of them will want to make shopping without stopping on a souvenir market while others with 10 minutes will have enough, and although there is a schedule for each activity there always exist the person who arrives some minutes late running, causing a loss of your precious vacation time, at the end of the day. Besides, the local official guide of the group will guide in both, English/Spanish languages, will has a strict stipulated itinerary and will be available for the 15/20 people at the same time. The main advantage of this service is the affordable price.

We urge you to get in touch with us so we can design your trip to Peru together, probably combining some excursions in private and some in group services. Our team of experienced voyagers knows what it means to plan a trip that could be the dream of a lifetime as well as the investment that implies, therefore, we want everything to go perfect.

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  • Archaeological
  • Cultural
  • Nature

  • Ballestas Islands
  • Lima
  • Nazca
  • Paracas

  • Easy

  • Full day

  • Year round

Ballestas Islands

  • Learn about the amazing Paracas culture.
  • Take a boat ride around the spectacular Ballestas islands, shelter for thousands of sea birds, sea lions and Humboldt penguins.


  • Learn about the Nazca civilization
  • Discover the different theories of the creation of the famous Nazca lines from over 1000 years ago.
  • Take a flight over the lines and decide the truth for yourself.


This day will begin very early in the morning as your bus will depart from the bus station at 04:00, it is recommended to be one hour before the scheduled time of departure. You will be arriving in Paracas after about 3 ½ hours aprox. and will be welcomed by our staff and transferred to the pier. You will probably have some short time to have a quick breakfast but just in case it is advisable to bring a snack.
Next you will board a speed boat equipped with life vests and comfortable seats. It is advisable to wear a good jacket or windbreaker, as it gets very windy and chilly once the boat sets off. You head off on the 30 minutes journey to the Ballestas Islands following the coast where you will be able to see the famous figure knows as The Candelabro or Chandelier, an enigmatic, giant trident from similar in style to the Nazca lines etched into the desert floor hundreds of years go by pre-Inca cultures. The Candelabro overlooks the Ocean, giving you the chance to take pictures, while learning about the most popular theories of its creation, which range from pirates marking a hidden place for their treasures to soldier fighting for Latin-American independence from Spain

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to get off the boat to walk around the islands, but the boats get close enough to admire the amazing marine life, with over 200 types of migratory and resident birds, including Peruvian Pelicans, Belcher’s gulls, the shy Humboldt and famous penguins, Guanay cormorants, red-legged cormorants, Inca terns, Peruvian boobies, turkey vultures, among many others. The islands are also home to hundreds of sea lions resting on the beaches, sleeping on the rocks or swimming nearby. After touring around the islands for about 1 hour you will return to Paracas pier and continue to the Pisco airport to board the aircraft in which each person will have a window seat.

It is highly likely that you have seen aerial pictures of the Lines of Nazca, which were declared an “Archeological World Heritage Site” by UNESCO (1994), either on television or in a magazine, however, these images do not do the lines justice, and the only way to truly experience them is to take a sightseeing flight over the area. Culturandes Travel & Adventure will make the reservation for you but payment for the flight will be made locally, solely for the possible cancellations that are necessary owing to the weather.
The very experimented English/Spanish speaking pilot will proceed to give you a briefing about this air tour and will give each participant a map of the archaeological zone, which shows all the figures you will see from the air. After some basic information about the Lines and safety instructions, you will board the airplane and take off. In a matter of some minutes you will be flying over the Nazca Lines zone. Among the figures you will see are the whale, the wing, the condor, birds, animals, the lizard, the tree, the hands, the spiral, the spider, the flower, the dog, the monkey, the astronaut and the triangle among many others.

If you are prone to motion sickness be sure to take medication as the plane is small and the elevation is low which leads to more turbulence. The plane also banks continuously in order for both sides of the plane to view the lines properly. Don’t worry there are bags in the back of every seat and the pilots frequently check how you feel during the entire flight.
After the flight you will be transferred to the bus station about 16:30 and begin the journey back to Lima, you will comfortably rest and probably take a nap in the bus and about 20:00 you will be arriving at the Lima bus station.

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