We invite you to enjoy the full experience of this 5-Day Trek Ausangate Mountain in the vicinity of this Apu (mountain in Quechua language), which is the 5th highest mountain in Perú. This is a breathtaking 5-Day trek in the Vilcanota´s Cordillera, a route that we call the “Camino del Apu Ausangate”. The “Apu” is the Bearer of Life and Guardian of one of the most pristine mountain ecosystems in the world. The trek will be accompanied by llamas and horses that will carry your gear, and are owned by shepherds of the community of Chillca, who are proud to share their land with you, as well as the spirit of their inspiring world.

This wonderful journey ends amidst one of the most spectacular landscape scenarios in South America while you relax every night in the comfort of four different Andean Lodges with varied spectacular views of the Sacred Mountain. Meals are prepared daily by experienced chefs who will introduce you to a great variety of delicious Peruvian dishes and produce authentic local music played by local inhabitants.


To go on the Apu Ausangate´s Trail Trek, one must be in good physical condition, and we recommend a preliminary 3 to 4 day acclimatization stage, for your body to react better during the trek.

This remote and privileged region of Cusco, still quite unexplored, offers, in addition to this 5-day trek, the possibility of doing some other 2, 3 and 4-day hikes, always using the very comfortable lodges, which makes this a different and unique experience, that will be kept inside your most appreciated memories.

Why to choose Culturandes Travel & Adventure for this 5-Day Trek to Ausangate Mountain?

Are you ready to discover this unique and amazing location by the hand of Culturandes Travel & Adventure expert staff and experienced guides?

We offer you:

  • Reliable and top services
  • Certified Peruvian tour operator
  • Safe transportation according the highest standards
  • Professional drivers
  • Comfortable and cozy lodges
  • Delicious balanced meals during the trek
  • Detailed and personal pre-departure information
  • 24 hours support during your trip
  • Excellent local official English/Spanish guides who will turn out the star of your trip

We are experts in private and customized tours all around Peru, ask our expert travel advisors to upgrade your experience with additional activities and extensions. Contact us.

Group services versus private services for this Trek Ausangate Mountain?

This is a question we must all ask ourselves before planning a trip. The answer depends a lot on the age, the particular interests of each person but above all on the economy of each passenger. Being in a group of 15/20 people with different interests will probably mean that some of them will want to make shopping without stopping on a souvenir market while others with 10 minutes will have enough, and although there is a schedule for each activity there always exist the person who arrives some minutes late running, causing a loss of your precious vacation time, at the end of the day. Besides, the local official guide of the group will guide in both, English/Spanish languages, will has a strict stipulated itinerary and will be available for the 15/20 people at the same time. The main advantage of this service is the affordable price.

On the other side, with the private services you will have a very accommodate driver who will make the necessary stops where you indicate and for the time you will considerer convenient in each place and a local official guide who will guide in your own language (when possible, if not just in one language, most of the times English) and who will perfectly know your particular interests to make of your trip a very personal experience, without losing time in places that are not of your interest. The main advantage of a private tour is that you use your vacation time more efficiently, learn more about the country and have all the attention of your guide, no doubt a “must” for the demanding client. If you have 5 or more people in the group, we recommend you take the private services as the price gets very close to that of the group services.

We urge you to get in touch with us so we can design your trip to Peru together, probably combining some excursions in private and some in group services. Our team of experienced voyagers knows what it means to plan a trip of a lifetime as well as the investment that implies, therefore, we want everything to go perfect.


  • Active Tour
  • Nature
  • Trekking
  • Wildlife watching

  • Anantapata
  • Ausangate Cocha Lake
  • Chillca
  • Cusco
  • Huampococha
  • Machuracay
  • Vinicunca

  • Challenging (Good physical condition required)

  • 5 days

  • March to November


  • Enjoy the trail to the fifth highest mountain in Cusco –Perú
  • Admire one of the most spectacular landscape scenarios in South America
  • Enjoy places full of amazing Andean scenery and authentic culture
  • Meet native weavers as they create beautiful clothing with the same old techniques of their ancestors
  • Have astonishing views of the snowcapped Ausangate mountain


Lunch and dinner

An early departure to travel in our comfortable coach bus along the Vilcanota River to visit the temple of Checacupe, then through the upper valley of Pitumarca. At Japura, we’ll trek a short distance to Chillca. Community members and local musicians greet us at our first Andean Lodge, sharing their native Andean music as we sip coca tea. Our 8 double rooms have hot showers and full bathrooms. The lodge features tasty, healthy Andean cuisine, such as Alpaca steak, with vegetarian dishes and other dining options available.

Minimum Altitude: 1102.36ft/3384m
Maximum Altitude: 14271.65ft/4350m
Walking distance: 2.05m/3.3 kms.
Aproximate walking time: 1.5 hours
By car: aprox. 4 hours/83.45m/134.3 km


Breakfast, lunch & dinner

After breakfast, we trek along the glacier valley of Phinaya, seeing hundreds of alpacas and llamas. On the way to the glaciers at Mt. Santa Catalina, the trail climbs past the breathtaking Pjachaj waterfall. Our picnic lunch awaits us above. Then, surrounded by moraine walls, glaciers and lakes, we walk about 5 hours to Machuracay Lodge. Your bags are carried by llama caravan. At the lodge, we’re met by the native family that manages it.

Minimum Altitude: 14271ft/4350m
Maximum Altitude: 15912.07ft/4850m
Walking distance: 6.21m/10kms
Aproximate walking time: 6 hours


Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Today we take on our first mountain pass (16,587 ft./ 5,100 m.) enjoying spectacular panoramic views. Descending alongside the glaciers, we hike to Ausangate Cocha Lake where we’ll have lunch. Here, the landscape shifts dramatically, with red sandstone formations where we’ll see vicuñas and occasional condors. After a great day of hiking we arrive at the third Andean Lodge to relax, take in the splendid views and enjoy a restful night.

Minimum Altitude: 15256ft/4650m
Maximum Altitude: 16896.33ft/ 5150m
Walking distance: 5.9m/9.5 kms
Aproximate walking time: 5 hours


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

After breakfast, we take the trail to another mountain pass. Dropping down, we’ll hike by Lake Kayrawiri, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and the great valley below. Striations of color are imbedded in the hillsides. Then we go on to Cerro Laya Grande via massive glacier del Inca, and find the most striking colors in the sediments of Vinicunca (recently known as the “Rainbow Mountain”). We eat lunch here while taking in this unique landscape. On our way to the fourth Andean Lodge we may see hundreds of Andean geese nesting in the cliffs of Anta, and the flatiron formations of Apu Labrayani near Huampococha Tambo where we will spend the night.

Minimum Altitude: 15518ft/4730m
Maximum Altitude: 16355ft/4985m
Walking distance: 6.28m/10.1kms
Aproximate walking time: 6 hours


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

As we hike up; enjoying a great view of the mountains, we reach the top of our final pass. It’s all downhill from here! We encounter some of the most capricious shapes of limestone formations from the Cretaceous age and hike until the end of the trail in Trapiche. It is time to say goodbye to the muleteers and the staff. Here, we have lunch and return by bus to Cusco while reminiscing on the wonderful experiences we shared in the Andes.

Ask our expert travel advisors to complete your trip with an extension to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, the impressive Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, the mysterious Nazca lines, the enigmatic jungle or the Kingdom of the Chachapoyas.


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