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We are an official Peruvian Tour Operator that create unique experiences to immerse our clients in the awesome-inspiring culture and natural beauty of Peru


Remember that dream destination you’ve always longed for? Think of the possibilities for you and your family. Life is too short to let it go.


Realising your dream needs a plan, and to make it the perfect experience, it’s worth spending a little time really thinking about what you want. That’s where we come in. Contact us - you won’t regret it


Enjoy and fall in love with your dream destination. Awake all your senses and just let you go into the magic of Peru. When you finally get home, be sure to share every detail with friends and family about the indigenous history, the delicious food, the colorful Peruvian traditions, the flora and fauna but especially the warm-hearted Peruvian people, who will continue to paint vibrant pictures in your minds for years to come, then start to plan your next unforgettable experience as you will never stop dreaming.

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Culturandes is a Peruvian company of professionals in tourism and experimented passionate travelers with a common target which is sharing our culture, history, natural resources and gastronomy with the world. For many years we have been designing and planning itineraries according the profile of each traveler that exceed their expectations and giving them the experience of a lifetime, always respecting the environment and the local communities beliefs. We are a very meticulous and dedicated team as we enjoy what we do and as consequence we love to spend time with clients discussing about their particular interests to leave a positive unforgettable trace in their memories.
Our vision is to become a leader in customized tours in South America and our mission is to provide travels based on a high quality of service and always being innovative and responsible in all aspects. We also contribute to the development of every community and local people and having a great relationship with all our suppliers.

Our Team

Meet our staff.


Junior Sales Executive

I always get a special feeling when I go on a trip or when I learn about new traditions from new places. At my young age, I have already travelled through eleven countries and learned how to live in other cultures very different from mine. I have also interacted with many native families and I must say that those experiences changed my life in a tremendously positive way. As a young entrepreneur and as a member of the CulturAndes team, it will be an honor to share my traveller spirit with you and plan the most incredible trip for you or your family. So, are you ready to fill your soul with memories and incredible experiences?


Financial Controller

I studied Tourism Administration, and throughout my career I have worked in almost all areas of Inbound Tourism, which has allowed me to grow professionally, as well as knowing and traveling a lot around my wonderful country.Dedicating myself to the tourism activity is my passion; serving the traveler who has chosen to spend their holidays in Peru is my satisfaction. I take care of every detail to make your stay a unique and enriching experience.The tourism offer in Peru has evolved a lot. We are at an optimum point in which we can offer from the simplicity and warmth of experiential tourism to the exclusivity of a luxurious trip.Let me show you Peru.


Trip Designer

I was born and raised in Lima, Perú. I am professional in Tourism and Hotel industries and will work closely with you to design the perfect itinerary for your trip to Perú creating a memorable and customized journey that will fulfill all your desires. I’ve been working for more than 10 years in hotels in the USA as well as restaurants and Italian cruises, discovering new places and cultures and now I love to show off my amazing country to the world. I love sports and was a member of the Peruvian National Softball team. I also love music and acting too, and have taken part in plays in the theatre. I have a beautiful son named Nicolas who is my reason to grow personally and professionally.



I am a History teacher and I love the customs and expressions mankind has made throughout time such as Architecture, Geography and dance among so many others. One day I came across the world of tourism and our paths joined giving me the chance to discover so much more. Every day is an opportunity to extend my knowledge and commit to make our customers trips the memorable experience of a lifetime.

Our guides

Always by your side.


Tour Guide

I have a fascination for the Andean Culture, reason why I expanded my knowledge and I specialized in Ethnic Tourism, traveling around andean communities, learning their costums and traditions. I love my job and enjoy teaching our culture.


Tour Guide

To share our cultural heritage and our experiences in the Andes is what I love. I feel lucky that i was born and raised in the Andes, and be part of our history and our legacy. I am part of the Culturandes team and we will be waiting for you to show you our country!


Tour Guide

I was born In Cusco, 17 years of experience in traditional tourism leading groups in Cusco and all Perú. My passion is the Andean culture and I love the nature of my beautiful country. Languages: English, Spanish and Quechua.


Tour Guide

I have few belongings in my life but I've got many stories to tell... Every time they ask me if I´m tired of going to the same places in my job, the answer ALWAYS IS NO, because what makes the difference is people that I go with. I love that my guests experience the moment and enjoy their free time creating memories for the future and of course being part of those. I’m working as a guide for 15 years and I really proud to belong to this culture that is admired every day more and more. I like to learn more about other cultures and countries and part of that is travelling. My work is my passion and I performe it showing my home place with hikings, traditional tours or mixing those. By the way, playing by ear is what I like according what my tourist wants and let me tell you, it works so far.


Tour Guide

I've been 16 years working as a professional guide in Tourism and I dedicated myself to do many alternate routes to the Inca Trail but of course I got most of my experience on the Inca Trail. Now, I spend more time doing the traditional tours but I´m willing to perform any activities in what concerns me as a guide. I was recommended in 2003 and 2005 in the American Hand Book “LET'S GO” !!! all thanks to reports from passengers who I gave my services of Professional Guide. I took specialized courses in different subjects throughout the development of my career and I still having it because of the trade union that I belong ... AGOTUR-CUSCO (Official Tourism guides association).


Tour Guide

I was born in the Inca living town of Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley of Cusco. I studied my element and high school at the College of General Ollanta in Ollantaytambo. I started my studies in English at ICPNA institute of Lima and continued my studies of English to get certified in Lake View Center, Truman College and the University of ILL-Chicago. Also I master the native language of my region, the Quechua. I had my estudies as a Tour Guide at the Educational Institution Antonio Lorena of Cusco. I trained in different specialities such as; Adventure, cultural, and Nature; I made my volunteering in Pakitsa Manu National Park. My work experience is 15 years of service to different tourists around the world. My main interests is to observe birds, orchids, and biking adventure.


Tour Guide

I´m native of Cusco, Peru. I studied Tourism at Cusco University and I´m particularly interested in the technology and sciences used by the Incas. I also studied the Quechua language in order to better understand Andean culture and this enables me to communicate without barriers with native people. Always on the lookout for adventure, I have been a rafting and climbing guide for many years and has led groups throughout Peru as well as in many other places in and around South America. I am open-minded and I have a good sense of humor. I love meeting new people and sharing my deep knowledge of my enigmatic country with them.


Tour Guide

I was born in the highland jungle of Cusco nearby Machu Picchu, situated above 6000 ft. – 2450 m.a.s.l. and as a professional degree in Tourism I have been working for fifteen years as local guide, and as Tour Manager five years ago providing first class services to international visitors from the entire world, traveling and leading groups around the Peruvian Andes. Speaking my native language “Quechua”, as well as Spanish, English, Italian and a bit of German language; I enjoy sharing with the rest of the world the spiritual and cultural history of our civilization and modern-day customs from native people. My time off is offered to my small family and to play Andean music from Cusco and some surrounding areas nearby the Amazon jungle.


Tour Guide

I´m a naturalist born in Cuzco, Peru, began my study of the Manu wilderness at a young age. I have served as a volunteer park ranger in Manu National Park, and working as a naturalist tour guide for about twelve years. As avid student of the flora and fauna of Manu and with special interest in birds, I lead birding groups throughout Peru including Paracas National Marine Reserve, Bajuaha-Sonene National Park, Tambopata-Candamo National Reserve, Pampas del Heath, Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, and Manu Biosphere Reserve. Versed in Inca history, nature photography, wildlife and ecosystems of Peru. I´m an ornithologist with years of training and I used to work on several educational projects involving students in the Cusco area and also extensively with highland communities regarding ecological education and nature conservation.


Tour Guide

Hi! My name is Alex Vereau, and I´ve been working as a tour leader for the last 17 years for renowned travel agencies in Peru, doing all kind of tours, either conventional tours or adventure treks, guiding is the passion of my life. I love world history of ancient cutures, archaeology and when I am guiding I love to explain all different topics, such as local daily life in the Andes, Inca´s descendents customs, their traditions, economy, health, flora, fauna or wildlife, astronomy, birdwatching. I have good sense of humor, and is really rewarding for me that tourists fully enjoy their stay in Peru, thus they take the best ever memories with them.


Tour Guide

I’m from Cusco and I studied in the University San Antonio Abad of Cusco and learned (also by my experience and books) guiding and observing the plants, animals. My background is based in Nature (Flora, Fauna) and Culture (History, Sociology, etc.). I have 10 years of experience working with people from 7 years old to over 70 years old, with small and big groups from all over the world, and I also started as a Tour Leader 3 years ago leading groups in CUSCO, PUNO ,AREQUIPA. I consider myself very enthusiastic and with lot of passion of my ancestors history, I also speak basic Quechua language to have close communication with the locals (Highland Communities).


Tour Guide

Graduated in Tourism at the University of Cusco, I have traveled and met many countries in South America. I've lived in New York (USA) and Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago). I have dedicated myself mainly to lead groups of travelers from all over the world, teaching the magic and unique experiences my country has to offer. I have great passion for my land, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu. I have been fortunate to meet many teachers who have taught me that we are visitors in this time and place, that we're just passing through and that our purpose here is to observe, learn, grow, love, and then return home. Andean wise elders say that we are in the time of Pachacuti, the time of a new dawn for man, a time to connect the brain with the heart and act with intuition, being responsible protagonists of the new times.


Tour Guide

I have graduated in Tourism at the university of Cusco, I love my carrier very much because I work with wonderful people from all over the world, doing different tours like traditional, adventure tours and bird watching as well. Work experience in tourism management, agencies, hotels and transport; leading groups of tourism, teamcore and English language proficiency.


Tour Guide

I´m native from the Andes (Cusco – Peru), I´ve worked as a Tour Guide and Tour Leader since 1996. I have an easy going personality, I´m knowledgeable about the Andes and wildlife, and speak fluent English. I love to show my country with a lot of passion enabling my guests to interact with the local people and their costumes. I´m very proud to be born and raised in Cusco. You will enjoy spending time with me because I´m very funny too. I lead groups all over Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.


Tour Guide

l am native from a very beautiful city called Arequipa. l am official tour guide since 1995, since that time, l had guided many groups in PERU and l led groups in South America, Brasil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Easter Island. The opportunity to be in other countries enriched my knowledge and make me see that PERU is a Unique country. I love nature, hiking, bird watching, nature medicine, healing, the andean religion and l consider myself a spiritual person. l feel very proud of being Peruvian and l will love to show you my country and share my knowledge with you. Hope to see your name in my next group!