Iquitos & Río Amazonas

Iquitos and The Amazon River

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Iquitos and the Amazon river

Are you ready to explore Iquitos and Amazon River?

Iquitos and Amazon River. Located in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest and next to the left river bank of the Amazon River. Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon. Offers visitors a city rich in history, indigenous culture and access to the Amazon River and rainforest. It is generally considered the most populous city in the world that can only be reached by air or water. Iquitos owes its existence to Jesuit missionaries who settled the area seeking to save indigenous souls. Once a booming rubber town due to its location on the Amazon River, Iquitos now enjoys a slower pace. Their inhabitants warmly welcome visitors.

Iquitos is an Amazon Gateway city from which to begin riverboat journeys on the Amazon River or stay in a jungle lodge for wildlife encounter. One of the most popular destinations is the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve located between the Marañón and Ucayali rivers southwest of Iquitos. The Amazon basin is the natural reserve of more extensive and more variety life of the Earth where you will discover abundant botanical and zoological species in amazing landscapes. The rainforest has beautiful meandering rivers, towering trees, an immense diversity of wildlife and riverside villages where one can see how the local people live in the Amazon environment.