INTRODUCTION The main reason to join this Tour Peru Women-Only tour, is that I’ve always wanted not to depend on anyone to visit a destination that was on my bucket list, for some reason or another, company plans were constantly frustrated, the mismatch in the times, in the travel style, in the destination, in the budget, anyway… but I didn't want to travel alone because I didn't like the idea of imagining myself having dinner alone in a magical place that I always dreamed of visiting. That was how I started looking for travel options in groups with women who were in the same situation as me, and it turned out to be a fabulous experience. Share moments with different women, with very different experiences, from diverse cultures, with totally opposite stories, enjoy the joy of the youngest and the wisdom of the elders, the entertaining stories of experienced travelers as of the emotion and fear from the one who travels alone for the first time, listening to the experiences of the most liberal ones like those of the housewife par excellence, made my group trips with other women, become my favorites as I wove a huge network of friends around of the world, with whom we still meet occasionally somewhere in the world to enjoy a new adventure together. This experience made me learn a lot about tolerance and coexistence, becoming a better human being. Welcome to this trip Tour Peru Women-Only designed with great enthusiasm and the best of energies, as if it were for myself.

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