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Ica & Huacachina

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Ica and Huacachina oasis, the land of the sand dunes

Huacachina Sand Buggy and Sandboarding tour. Ica, an esoteric land, one of profound religious faith, sand dunes, valleys, and sun, is an agricultural zone where you see interspersed among the extensive desert area fields of cotton, butter beans, asparagus, citrus tree orchards, as well as vineyards. Some of the most important pre-Inca civilizations of ancient Peru established themselves here like the Paracas (700-200 BC) and the Nazca (200 BC-700 AD) who left a legacy that has endured the passage of time and the violence of the sand and wind.

The highway from Lima to Ica provides the traveler with a variety of attractions on the way, as the visit to the Ballestas Island and the Peninsula of Paracas where the desert just out the Pacific Ocean, to some vineyards of the department, where they produce excellent piscos and wines, to the Huacachina Lake, a beautiful oasis situated among the sand dunes just a few minutes away from Ica dowtown, and to Chincha, the valley which gave birth to the Afro-Peruvian music.

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