Peru a safe destination to travel

In October 2020 Peru received from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) the “Safe Travels” seal, the world’s first safety and hygiene seal, in tourism, in response to Covid-19, in a ceremony held in Machu Picchu (Cusco).

It should be noted that the biosafety protocols that involve the tourism sector have been evaluated by professionals from the WTTC and have their approval. This task allows our country to have world-class health safety standards in tourism.

The fact that Peru has obtained the “Safe Travels” seal from the WTTC shows that the Peruvian state is fully committed to the tourism sector and the importance of its reactivation. Although a 100% safe journey is not guaranteed, the Safe Travel seal is a sign of a safe place that can provide peace for your health and mind.

LEAN ON CULTURANDES: as travel agents, we are trained in the art of crisis management

Before COVID, a travel advisor was very important to avoid you navigate thousands of websites to find new hotels, new cruise ships, reliable information about passport and visa issues, weather, transit strikes, political unrest, natural disasters, travel insurance, travel providers going out of business but nowadays the importance of having a local company to support you it’s a thing of your own health and protection and Culturandes Travel & Adventure has already implemented efficient safety and hygiene protocols to make your travel easier, more enjoyable and more accessible.

Our flexible, rebooking and refund policies will help you to plan your trip ahead receiving updated information on what is safe, what is open, which hotels have implemented enhanced hygiene measures and we will be your biggest advocate before, during and after your trip.

We are putting a lot of time and effort in personal services, providing our clients with information that is factually correct and guiding you through the new travel process.

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