30 new species of wild flora identified in Manu National Park, Peru

A total of 30 wild flora species were discovered at Manu National Park by a group of scientists with the support of Peruvian state-run National Service of Natural Protected Areas (Sernanp).


This remarkable finding, published in the “Annotated list of trees and associated species, typical of montane forests in southern Peru: the importance of continuing gathering,” shows the high level of biodiversity in Andean cloud forests of Peru.


The preliminary list of tree and associated species was carried out in 21 permanent observation plots and contiguous exploration areas since 2003, located between 800 and 3,625 meters above sea level.


01 300x204 - 30 new species of wild flora identified in Manu National Park, Peru


The study was conducted by Aberg—Andes Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group, with the support of Sernanp, through its Manu National Park Department.


Some 1,108 tree species were found within 20 kilometers of Manu biosphere, including tree ferns, palms and lianas. 43% of the recorded species are new to the region of Cusco, while 15 specimens are new records for the Peruvian wild flora.


This research seeks to analyze biodiversity patterns, distribution of species and ecosystem function based on time and space, as well as climate change effects in the Andean-Amazon ecosystem.