Apu Ausangate or “Mountain of Seven Colors” viral video

The Apu Ausangate, better known as the “Mountain of Seven Colors” or “Rainbow Mountain” has become popular in social networks thanks to a video released by the Facebook page PlayGround, which has become viral and currently records more than 7.5 million views since last August when it was published.

This attraction, unknown for many Peruvians, has attracted the interest of millions of people around the world by the beautiful landscape that offers to visitors before reaching its main mountain covered with sknow.
To reach this wonderful place located in Cusco-Peru, you need to follow a route on foot (trekking) for at least four days.
“This is a step-foot around peaks of more than five thousand meters high, snow mountains and lakes that make you feel exhausted. However, the beauty of these places leave you speechless, “mention a report by “Diario Correo”.

Published by Play Ground

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