El Delfin – Luxury Amazon Cruise

Daily Tour 4 days / 3 nights
Peru Iquitos and The Amazon River


Cruises on the Amazon River. Enjoy 4 days sailing on the longest river in the world, the Amazon River. Aboard the luxurious cruise ship Delfin I. Which will take you to one of the largest protected floodplain forests in the world, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Our experienced guides will show you the immense biodiversity of the area. On the other hand, all guests will enjoy exquisite Amazonian cuisine. All this, within an authentic and intimate atmosphere with the right dose of elegance and comfort.

Why to choose Culturandes Travel & Adventure for this Amazon River Cruises?

Are you looking for unforgettable memories for this adventure? Culturandes Travel & Adventure want you to have a hassle-free planning and an unforgettable travel experience without any stress and unexpected situations by the hand of its experts travel advisors and knowledgeable local guides providing you:

  • Reliable and high level services
  • Certified Peruvian tour operator
  • Safe transport according to the highest standards
  • Adequate equipment for the activity
  • Detailed and personalized information prior to the trip
  • 24 hour support during your trip
  • Excellent official local guides who will be the star of your trip

We are experts in private and customized tours all around Peru, ask our expert travel advisors to upgrade your experience with additional activities and extensions.

Group services versus Private services?

This is a question we all need to ask ourselves when planning a trip. The answer depends largely on the age, the particular interests of each person and, above all, the economy of each passenger. Below, we list the differences between conducting a group service versus a private service. It should be noted that, in either of the two modalities, you will receive top quality care from the entire team of professionals who will make your trip unforgettable

Group Services

  • The driver follows the stops designated by the tour
  • Groups can have between 15 and 20 people
  • Guidance is simultaneous in English and Spanish for the entire group
  • The itinerary has to be strict to fulfill the daily plan
  • Guidance is available at the same time for the entire group
  • The main advantage of group services is the affordable price

Private Services

  • The driver will make the necessary stops where you indicate
  • Of 5 or more people, the private service has a similar price to the group service.
  • You own the time you want to have at each stop
  • Guidance is in only 1 language and at the passenger’s choice (prior consultation for rare languages)
  • The guide will be available only for you and attentive to your requirements
  • The travel experience becomes much more personal and deep in knowledge

We urge you to get in touch with us so we can design your trip to Peru together, probably combining some excursions in private and some in group services. Our team of experienced voyagers knows what it means to plan a trip of a lifetime as well as the investment that implies, therefore, we want everything to go perfect.



  • Discover the biggest National Reserve of Peru with 2 million hectares, also considered the largest protected flooded forest of the world and one of the richest places in biological wealth on the planet.
  • Surround yourself by an incredible variety of exotic plants and animals that you will not only see but actually have the chance to interact with.
  • Take a photo shoot to the species in danger of extinction like the giant otter, the black lizard, the manatee and the pink dolphin of the Amazon.




Our crew will be expecting your arrival at the airport to transfer you all together by our comfortable private vehicle over paved road to the city of Nauta, a 1.5 hour ride, where you will embark the Delfin vessel and begin this Peru luxury tour. Once onboard, you will be served by our qualified staff who will introduce you to your exquisite and cozy suite, specially equipped with all the amenities and our bartender will be waiting you with an exotic cocktail made with regional fruits and Pisco, the beloved national brandy liquor of Perú.

While you sit on the upper deck’s terrace, you will marvel at the most amazing panoramic views of the surrounding jungle. Your naturalist guides will provide you with the details of your journey’s schedule: activities, route, highlights, wildlife and vegetation to keep your eye out for, geographical and historical background, and other useful details.

You can enjoy and take advantage of the completely equipped bar, the library, games for your entertainment such as chess, checkers, and other popular contemporary pastimes. Our vessel also has an open bridge policy, so you are welcome to learn about the navigation systems and spend time with the driving captain at any time. After dinner we invite you to the second deck were you can enjoy stargazing while we cruise in to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Today starts off early for a good reason: morning is when the jungle wildlife is more active, so you will get to see more animals in action. The first outing is an interesting walk at Fundo Casual jungle trail that will take you deep into the rainforest on terra firme (non-flooded forest) where your guide will point out the dynamic creatures and vegetation of the Amazon. Be sure to keep an attentive eye open for spotting surprises!

Later on, you will visit the Yanayacu-Pucate River, one of the most important zones in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, and with some luck you will see pink dolphins. A real treat awaits you at the confluence of the Yanayacu and Pucate rivers: a refreshing swim in the famous black waters, something you can only experience on an Amazon cruise in Peru.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Begin your morning with an adventurous journey to visit to a private reserve complete with 8 hanging bridges high up in the rainforest canopy. To get there, you will walk through primary forest and paddle slowly through tranquil Tahuampa Lake, a black water lagoon with giant arapaima fishes (known locally as paiche) and with luck, you might hear them jumping up to breathe the crisp dawn air. The suspension bridges will give you a peek into the life and riches up in the treetops for many of the Amazon’s animals. A symphony of sounds will surely enchant your ears.

After a delicious lunch, visit Jacinto Cocha, a black water lagoon, or Nauta Caño Creek where you will have the chance to do some kayaking. Also, go fishing for the famous piranha, a delightful and challenging experience you won’t forget! As night approaches, your guide will take you on a night safari in search of caiman alligators and night birds. Amazon never stops being an adventure, even at night.

Breakfast, lunch

We will visit the community of San Francisco where we will have the opportunity to see and to share in the cultural wealth and talent of local craftsmen. You will be surprised by the quality of the pieces made from exotic wood, seeds, and palm fibers, etc. Enjoy the openness and hospitality of the local people, while learning about their unique folklore.

After this, it is time to begin the trip back to the city of Iquitos and the end of your Amazon adventure, first stop being Nauta. You will arrive at the port and then board the bus, where our ground staff awaits you, for the 95 kilometer road trip to Iquitos. There will be a short stop along the way at the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA), where endangered manatees are raised and you have the chance to feed one of these baby wonders of nature. Current efforts to rescue and protect these mammals are quite intense in this region. Final stop is the airport; you will board the plane for your direct flight back to Lima.

All itineraries are subject to change, due to weather and other conditions.  All times indicated are approximate, and are also subject to change.
We recommend taking vitamin B or B12 prior to your arrival in the jungle as it is the best natural repellent against pesky mosquitoes.

Ask our experts travel advisors to complete your trip including a visit to the majestic Colca Canyon, the mysterious Nazca lines, the enigmatic jungle or the Kingdom of the Chachapoyas


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