Apurimac River Canyon Rafting

Apurimac River Canyon Rafting

This whitewater rafting in the upper section of the Urubamba river, it’s a classic!, with challenging rapids and beautiful Andean scenic views of the riverside takes you through small villages, farm lands and heard of sheep between eucalyptus mountain hillsides and finally to the Chuquicahuana gorge, famous for its long, exhilarating technical rapids. Prior experienced is not necessary during the dry season rafting, though swimming skills are required. In rainy season, previous rafting experience is required.

River Rafting in the Apurimac river

The Ultimate 3-Day Apurimac River Rafting

One of the most beautiful rivers in Peru is the Urubamba one, that runs from the high Andes ranges southern and down through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, looping Machu Picchu and into the Peruvian jungle. Along its way the river takes different names according the location where it enters. The Urubamba river upper section runs through a steep, twisted gorge lined with sharp granite rocks and rapids.


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