Salcantay and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu / 7-Day Trek

Daily Tour 7 days
Peru Machu Picchu, Cusco and Sacred Valley


Salcantay and Inca Trail. Trek in one of the most fantastic environments of the world to finally reach the hidden citadel of the Incas, Machu Picchu with this 7-Day trek Salcantay and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is combined with an alternative trek next to Salcantay Mount, an outstanding snow- capped mountain of 20551 f/6264m worshiped for thousands of years by ancient Peruvians. This trek is rated among the best trekking trips in the world because of the exquisite beauty of its natural surroundings. It includes different ecological areas from high deserts to the Andean tropical rain forest passing through the Salcantay glacier. Following this ancient Inca Trail, we will be walking past mysterious archaeological sites, half covered by the jungle overgrowth that looks like you are discovering them for the first time, and finally arriving to the lost city of the Incas: Machu Picchu.

This Salcantay and Inca Trail trek 7 days to Machu Picchu, is conducted by experienced guides that will make your trip pleasant and safe. Our service includes native “Quechua” porters for your luggage and we will provide delicious meals during the trip.

We strongly recommend a proper acclimatization before starting the trekking.

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Group services versus Private services?

This is a question we all need to ask ourselves when planning a trip. The answer depends largely on the age, the particular interests of each person and, above all, the economy of each passenger. Below, we list the differences between conducting a group service versus a private service. It should be noted that, in either of the two modalities, you will receive top quality care from the entire team of professionals who will make your trip unforgettable

Group Services

  • The driver follows the stops designated by the tour
  • Groups can have between 15 and 20 people
  • Guidance is simultaneous in English and Spanish for the entire group
  • The itinerary has to be strict to fulfill the daily plan
  • Guidance is available at the same time for the entire group
  • The main advantage of group services is the affordable price

Private Services

  • The driver will make the necessary stops where you indicate
  • Of 5 or more people, the private service has a similar price to the group service.
  • You own the time you want to have at each stop
  • Guidance is in only 1 language and at the passenger’s choice (prior consultation for rare languages)
  • The guide will be available only for you and attentive to your requirements
  • The travel experience becomes much more personal and deep in knowledge

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  • Discover the trek named among the 25 best Treks in the World, by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine.
  • Reach the Mt. Salcantay which is an outstanding glacier-capped summit worshipped for thousands of years by ancient Peruvians
  • If you need an Off the beaten path to get to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and an alternative route with more spectacular views, this Salcantay Inca trail is perfect for you.


  • Retrace the steps of the Incas and visit great archeological sites accessible only on foot
  • Take your first look at the “Lost City of the Incas” from the famous Sun Gate


  • Remain astonished by a place where the legend of the past is so vividly present while you discovered the Incas civilization best-kept secret
  • Climb Huayna Picchu or walk to the Sun Gate to sample breathtaking views of Machu Picchu and the surrounding area



Lunch, dinner (snack and afternoon tea)

The journey for this Salcantay and Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu, begins with an early transfer from your hotel to travel through the Andes, being able to appreciate the white snowcapped mountains of Salcantay and Humantay, both of them, sacred mountains for the Incas as well as an spectacular scenery of the higher areas and the lower valleys with colorful landscapes, until reaching Mollepata village (9,514f/2,900m) where you can gear up on last minute supplies or anything you may have forgotten back in town (water, rain poncho, bug spray, etc.). You will then continue to Challacancha (12,139f/3700m) where you will meet your horsemen and start the hike.

During this first day you will walk on the road that runs all the way to Soraypampa (12,631f/3850m). After having lunch, you will begin to hike up to Humantay Lake (13,779f/4,200m). This hike will be approximately 3 hours (3.1 m/5 km) and will take you to the skirts of Humantay Mountain where the beautiful, crystalline-blue waters of the Humantay Lake lay. After breathing in the beauty of such magical place, you will begin making your way back down until to the camp site of Soraypampa to enjoy the in a very clear sky the milky way.

Meals: Lunch and Dinner
Maximun altitude: 13,779ft/4,200m
Minimun altitude: 9,514ft/2,900m
Walking distance: 7.45ml/12km
Approximate walking time:  6 to 7 hours

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (snack and afternoon tea)

Today you will have a spectacular journey that will begin with a hot coca tea provided by your cook and a delicious breakfast to then start a gentle ascent to Salkantaypampa 13530f/4124m, as you enjoy the views of the second highest mountain in Cusco region.   As you ascend some stops will be made to simply enjoy the beauty of the mountain scenery of the Vilcabamba range. After lunch you will gradually ascend to Pampa Japonesa campsite 15255f/4650m with undeniably imposing views of the Andean topography.

Maximun altitude: 15,256 ft/4,650m
Minimun altitude: 12631ft/3850m
Walking distance: 8.07m/13km
Approximate walking time: 6 hours

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (snack and afternoon tea)

As every morning you will wake up with hot coca tea, and this morning won’t be the exception, right away you will have your breakfast, enjoying the beautiful sunrise at the summit of Salcantay mountain. After that, you will meander uphill until reaching the Incachiriaska Pass 16174fd/4930m which translates to “the place where the Inca cools down”.  The majestic Condor (the world’s largest flying bird) lives in this area, so with any luck you might catch a glimpse of them in flight.  Once having crossed the pass it is the start of a long downhill hike where the valley narrows and the river becomes a canal, not before lunch in Sisaypampa, where the Andean rodent of the heights (Chinchilla) will probably come into sight.  You will finally arrive at your campsite in the Inca Canal.  During the whole day you will be able to fully appreciate and take in the imposing Andean landscape.

Maximun altitude: 16174ft/4930m
Minimun altitude: 12303ft/3750m
Walking distance: 14km/8.69 ml
Approximate walking time: 6 to 7 hours

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (snack and afternoon tea)

Today after the usual coca tea and enjoying your hot breakfast you start another great day walking through a wider valley called Pampacahua, where you will see the remains of ancient Inca canals that are still used by the local farming settlements.  Later on you will arrive to Paucarcancha small archeological remain from the Inca times, then you will have a short hike to get Wayllabamba (9842f/3000m) where you join the traditional Inca Trail and you will meet up with your quechua porters for the next days and you will say goodbye to your muleteers and horses as they are not allowed into the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  You will then keep heading through an abrupt ascent but scenic tourt to the fourth campsite of this trek, Llulluchapampa (12795ft/3900m).

Maximun altitude: 12795ft/3900m
Minimun altitude: 9842ft/3000m
Walking distance: 14km/8.69 ml
Approximate walking time: 6 to 7 hours

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (snack and afternoon tea)

This day will start with a lot of energy after a hot drink to wake up and a healthy breakfast. After a few kilometers, you will begin the ascent to Warmihuañusca or also called Dead Woman’s Pass (13779f/4200m) where you will arrive after almost 4 hours. After a short rest at the summit, you will start the long descent down a steep path from where it is possible to see the route that leads to the spectacular ruins of Runkurakay, while observing different ecosystems ranging from the dry puna to the high jungle. At the end of the gorge, you will stop at Pacaymayo (3350m / 10990p), the place of your second camp.

Maximun altitude: 13779f/4200m
Minimun altitude: 10990f/3350m
Walking distance: 7.10km/4.40ml
Approximate walking time: 6 hours

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (snack and afternoon tea)

A while after leaving Pacaymayo and following a zigzagging but short ascent (1 hour approx.) you will reach the circular ruins of Runkurakay (12139f/3700m) just surrounded by forests and steep hills.

After the visit to these ruins and a short rest, continue ascending to the pass of Runkurakay (12631f/3850m) to then start the descent and you will realize that from this point the Inca Trail is in excellent condition. Then, you will reach the steps that climb the ruins of Sayacmarca (11745f/3580m) from where the path begins to enter the jungle, the trail crosses the “Dry Lake” and the “Tunnel”, a natural cavity produced by a landslide but adapted by the Incas. This great Inca Trail continues through mountains covered with moss and fern and, after crossing a small pass, you will reach the Ceremonial Center of the ruins of Phuyupatamarca (11811f/3600m) an Inca construction with truncated pyramid structure, consisting of eight fountains liturgical at different levels and an extensive work of terraces and from where you have a spectacular view of the most impressive snowcapped mountains, to finally reach the spectacular archaeological complex of Wiñaywayna (8723f/2650m) with its hundreds of platforms and more than 3000 steps carved in the rock, the second most important after Machu Picchu, and where his last camp will be settled.

NOTE: Some itineraries can have Phuyupatamarca as the last campsite as this is determined by the government agency that controls the Inca road network, we will inform you accordingly

Maximun altitude: 12631ft/3850m
Minimun altitude: 8723ft/2650m
Walking distance: 9.94ml/16km
Approximate walking time: 8 hours


  • If you do want to see the beautiful scenery and ancient buildings of Machu Picchu, book your trip early. The Peruvian Government has placed a limit on the number of people allowed to hike the trails of the citadel per day and entrances tend to book up quickly.
  • For those who want to hike the Huayna Picchu mountain reservations has to be made well in advance, as the local authorities just allow 400 persons per day in two shifts of 200 persons each one (there is an additional to pay for this entrance)

Ask our experts travel advisors to complete your trip including the impressive citadel of Machu Picchu, the challenging Inca Trail, a visit to the impressive Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, the majestic Colca Canyon, the mysterious Nazca lines or the enigmatic jungle or the Kingdom of the Chachapoyas.


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