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Full Day Best Tour to Caral from Lima | Best value and price. Recent research shows that cities in the New World arose nearly a millennium earlier than previously believed. Radiocarbon dates from the ancient city of Caral, show that monumental architecture was under construction as early as 2627 B.C., even before ceramics and maize appeared.

Return to the past exploring the Full Day Best Tour to Caral from Lima | Best value and price, which was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2009 and considered the oldest civilization in America and the central Andes.

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Group services versus Private services?

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Group Services

  • The driver follows the stops designated by the tour
  • Groups can have between 15 and 20 people
  • Guidance is simultaneous in English and Spanish for the entire group
  • The itinerary has to be strict to fulfill the daily plan
  • Guidance is available at the same time for the entire group
  • The main advantage of group services is the affordable price

Private Services

  • The driver will make the necessary stops where you indicate
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  • You own the time you want to have at each stop
  • Guidance is in only 1 language and at the passenger’s choice (prior consultation for rare languages)
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    • Discover the great archaeological site of the oldest city of the American continent.
    • Imagine the life of the inhabitants of Caral, their rituals, sacrifices and markets.




Lunch included.

Morning pick-up from your hotel to begin the tour of the Sacred city of Caral, situated in the Valley of Supe in Perú. The 5000 years of antiquity of Caral make it one of the fives cradles of humanities civilization on a par of the cultures of the Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China.

The most impressive achievement of the civilization was its monumental architecture, including large earthwork platform mounds and sunken circular plazas. Archaeological evidence suggests use of textile technology and, possibly, the worship of common god symbols, both of which recur in pre-Columbian Andean cultures. Caral seems to be the model for the urban design adopted by Andean civilizations.

Caral, was a thriving metropolis, a city of pyramids in the Peruvian desert, spread out over 150 acres (607.000 m2) with its elaborate complex of temples, an amphitheater and residential buildings. The find of the quipu (knotted textile piece) indicates that the later Inca civilization preserved some cultural continuity from the Caral civilization. No trace of warfare has been found at Caral: no battlements, no weapons, no mutilated bodies. It was apparently a gentle society, built on commerce and pleasure.

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