Titilaka Lodge – Luxury Tour in Titicaca

Daily Tour 3 days
Peru Puno and Lake Titicaca


With this luxury tour in Titicaca, you will see amazing landscapes. Which will help you feel the charms of this magical place. Where the sky, the earth and the water connect.

Surrounded by stunning scenery and pristine geography, Titilaka’s contemporary design and comfort blend with the natural surroundings. Its architectural concept is special located between the water, the mountains and the sky. The hostel is not only cozy, full of amenities and attentive services. But also, a place designed to integrate with the environment and pay homage to the cultures of Lake Titicaca.

Relax inside a secluded lodge on a private peninsula. Go beyond ethereal landscapes, traditional communities and ancient ways. An enigmatic sensation of peaceful solitude at almost 4000 meters above sea level. The three-story lodge offers 18 lake view rooms and 4 spacious domes. To the north, it has the Taquile and Amantani islands. From east to west one can appreciate the Bolivian Cordillera Real. And finally, at the northern end of the peninsula is the pier, the departure point for our boats.

Although visitors often compare the setting with the Scottish Highlands or Patagonia. Titilaka is located in a community south of Puno and surrounded by small hamlets of Quechua and Aymara cultures.

Why to choose Culturandes Travel & Adventure for this luxury tour in Titicaca?

Are you looking for unforgettable memories for this adventure? Culturandes Travel & Adventure want you to have a hassle-free planning and an unforgettable travel experience without any stress and unexpected situations by the hand of its experts travel advisors and knowledgeable local guides providing you:

  • Reliable and high level services
  • Certified Peruvian tour operator
  • Safe transport according to the highest standards
  • Adequate equipment for the activity
  • Detailed and personalized information prior to the trip
  • 24 hour support during your trip
  • Excellent official local guides who will be the star of your trip

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Group services versus Private services?

This is a question we all need to ask ourselves when planning a trip. The answer depends largely on the age, the particular interests of each person and, above all, the economy of each passenger. Below, we list the differences between conducting a group service versus a private service. It should be noted that, in either of the two modalities, you will receive top quality care from the entire team of professionals who will make your trip unforgettable

Group Services

  • The driver follows the stops designated by the tour
  • Groups can have between 15 and 20 people
  • Guidance is simultaneous in English and Spanish for the entire group
  • The itinerary has to be strict to fulfill the daily plan
  • Guidance is available at the same time for the entire group
  • The main advantage of group services is the affordable price

Private Services

  • The driver will make the necessary stops where you indicate
  • Of 5 or more people, the private service has a similar price to the group service.
  • You own the time you want to have at each stop
  • Guidance is in only 1 language and at the passenger’s choice (prior consultation for rare languages)
  • The guide will be available only for you and attentive to your requirements
  • The travel experience becomes much more personal and deep in knowledge

We urge you to get in touch with us so we can design your trip to Peru together, probably combining some excursions in private and some in group services. Our team of experienced voyagers knows what it means to plan a trip of a lifetime as well as the investment that implies, therefore, we want everything to go perfect.



  • Enjoy a stay in the exclusive and luxurious Titilaka Lodge at the famous Titicaca Lake located between the border of Peru and Bolivia at almost 4000 masl, considered the cradle of the Inca civilization and the highest navigable lake in the world
  • Enjoy the carefully designed land or lake excursions meant to meet your expectations
  • Be impressed by the inhabitants of the floating island of Uros, one of the most fascinating indigenous groups of the continent
  • Soak into some of the most important pre-Columbian cultures of America
  • Enjoy the peace and beauty of places full of amazing Andean scenery and authentic culture



Lunch, dinner.

On this first day, you will be welcomed at Juliaca Airport by our Guest Services Representative and driven to Titilaka lodge (you can also be picked up at your hotel in Puno). On the way, you will pass through the city of Juliaca and the port of Puno. When you first glimpse Lake Titicaca’s crystalline waters, beneath the looming backdrop of the Cordillera Real in the clear Altiplano light, you’ll understand why pre-Inca people connected it with mystical events. Those early inhabitants of the Altiplano believed that both the sun itself and their bearded, white god-king, Viracocha, had risen out of its mysterious depths, the Incas, in turn, believed that it was the birthplace of their civilization.

On arrival at the lodge, check-in, rest, and enjoy the scenery. Lunch, based on the local cuisine, is served from 12:30pm to 3:00pm. We recommend an afternoon siesta and drinking plenty of liquids to help you acclimate. Enjoy teatime at 3:00pm, followed by activities near the lodge in the afternoon. Explore the lake and paddle through nearby totora reeds as you choose from a selection of nautical activities, including kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding, and sailing. Or, if you prefer, ride a bicycle through the fields of the district of Platería, take a walk on country paths, or watch local birds and drink in Puno’s striking landscapes. Evening cocktails are served from 6:30pm, followed by dinner from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

This is an active day. If you wish, get up at dawn to witness a magnificent sunrise. Whenever you do wake, enjoy a healthy breakfast in bed or on our terrace. In the morning, your guides will take you by car and boat to visit the famed Uros floating islands, near the Titicaca National Reserve. Here you will meet one of the traditional families that inhabit these unique islands. The UroAymara people are a proud culture, where the men skillfully traverse the lake with rafts made from reeds, and the women are expert weavers. Calling themselves kot-suña or, “people of the lake,” the Uro-Aymara were once persecuted by other groups and forced to relocate to Lake Titicaca where they found refuge by creating the islands out of totora reeds. Considering themselves guardians of Titicaca, the Uro-Aymara claim to have black blood that supposedly makes them impervious to the cold. A must for travelers to the area, expect to see many visitors here.

You will then explore Quechua beliefs and culture through the rich weaving tradition on the island of Taquile. Declared a part of UNESCO’s Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Taquile’s vivid textiles convey complex messages about the wearer’s social status and life. As the island enjoys a privileged microclimate, you’ll likely see men weaving wonderful pieces outdoors. You will then enjoy a picnic against the stunning backdrop of Titicaca’s deep blue skies, the lake’s sapphire waters, and on the horizon, Bolivia’s Cordillera Real, or Royal Mountain Range. Return to the hotel around 5:30pm and enjoy cocktails from 6:30pm and an á la carte dinner around 7:30pm.


After breakfast, and depending on the timing of your departure, you may enjoy a short excursion, an en route excursion, or your one of a range of activities near the lodge. The en route excursion involves a visit to the mysterious, ancient site of Sillustani, home to the area’s best preserved chullpas, or funerary towers. Once a burial ground for the Pucara, Tiahuanaco, and Ccolla pre-Inca cultures, and then the Incas themselves, Sillustani’s chullpas offer an ideal opportunity to compare the contrasting pre-Columbian architectonic styles. Symbolizing life and birth, these ancient tombs were used for chiefs and other dignitaries. Made of stones weighing up to six tons, the biggest tower took around 50 years to complete. Offering archaeology and history, in a stunning natural setting, Sillustani is an impressive site we strongly recommend you see. Farewell takes place at Juliaca airport or Puno train station as you head off to your next destination.

Ask our experts travel advisors to complete your trip including a visit to the majestic Colca Canyon, the mysterious Nazca lines, the enigmatic jungle or the Kingdom of the Chachapoyas


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